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The Community Action Program of Lancaster County supplies thousands of WIC participants with specialized infant formula through its Formula Warehouse program. These formulas contain key ingredients to bolster the health of low-birth-weight, failure to thrive infants. WIC agencies from six states participate in the program and send orders to the formula warehouse where the orders are typically processed and shipped within a 24-hour period. The orders arrive at WIC participants' homes within 1 to 4 days from time of order. Ninety percent of the orders arrive the very next day.

The program provides two important benefits for the states participating as well as for the formula recipients:

Affordability - The program reduces the cost of these specialized formulas because it eliminates the usual retail pricing structures. Additionally, state WIC programs have the ability to buy just the amount of formula they need instead of entire cases. This system is more efficient and cost effective for participating states than purchasing formula at the retail level.

Accessibility - Specialized infant formulas can be difficult to find in rural and inner-city locations because of the relatively small demand on the retail level. The formula warehouse program provides access to special formulas within a relatively short period of time without adding to the transportation burden of WIC families.

The Formula Warehouse has been providing this service to WIC families since 1996. As a result, countless children have benefitted from the increased availability and decreased cost of specialized infant formula.



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