Prevention Education

DVS collaborates with schools, after-school programs, churches, and youth agencies to offer healthy, non-violent relationship education in the community. Our programs include classes for children, teens, college students and parents. There is no cost to participants, hosting agencies or schools. For more information, please email Deb Manning or call her at 717.299.9677, ext 3121.

Tools for Healthy Relationships (elementary youth)

Consists of age-appropriate sessions to help young participants develop life skills that allow them to establish and maintain healthy, violence-free relationships. The interactive lessons include identifying characteristics of healthy relationships, bullying, exploring feelings and communication skills. Learning is reinforced by group discussion, scenarios, crafts and games.

Safe Dates (teens and young adults)

Designed to help teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative or abusive relationships. Case studies and interactive activities are used to connect with teens who have not started dating, as well as those who are involved in relationships.

Community Outreach

DVS staff advocates for social change and works in the community to educate the public about the impact of domestic violence. To request a presenter from our Speaker’s Bureau for your group or organization, please contact Cathy Sofilka at 717.299.9677, ext. 3105.


Our staff and volunteers participate in systems-level advocacy on behalf of victims to improve the response to the needs of victims and to prevent domestic violence in the community by serving on task forces and steering committees.